GeneticaLens (GL) is a documentary video production, information services and software development company specializing in the creation of video databases, tools and resources to facilitate detection and treatment of rare genetic and developmental neuropsychiatric disorders by offering video-based content via a proprietary process known as the See System. In spite of major strides in research in neurology and psychology, family physicians, pediatricians, and healthcare providers on the front lines of detection and referral, have little to guide them on the visual, “in vivo” identification of behaviors associated with mental illness or developmental disability. Our newest product is Well Child Lens Autism (WCLA), a video rich web application that facilitates screening and surveillance for autism in children under the age of three so that therapies can begin at a time when they are most effective.

Well Child Lens Autism-Clinical Version (WCLA-CV), our next phase of development, is an electronic medical record (EMR) compatible version for pediatric offices, whether a private practice, hospital or clinic. WCLA-CV will be software as a service (SaaS), licensed to users on a subscription basis. A complete healthcare IT solution for the early detection of autism and developmental delays, it will combine the power of on-demand and interactive video, an electronic and clinically validated screening tool, and interconnected high-speed information networks to educate and align stakeholders (parent/practitioners), and streamline healthcare provider workflow to improve the early detection of ASD.