GeneticaLens began as a video production and information services company. Over the past 16 years we have developed video-enhanced assessment tools and specialized in providing quality video documentation of difficult to diagnose medical and developmental disorders. We now offer a wide spectrum of services that deliver high quality media content to the medical community and families it serves: research; product certification; expert commentary and follow-up; professional filming; pre- and post-production editing and support; web and application design; database development and management; and outreach and marketing.

Completed projects include databases on Angelman syndrome, MPS type 1 & II and Gaucher. The teams of medical and scientific experts who work with us vary depending on the disorder but for each video database that we have created, we have worked with the leading experts in that field. We partnered with the Graduate School of Medicine, New York University (NYU) on the development of two hour-long documentary videos. NYU commissioned GeneticaLens to create “Diagnosing MPS Type 1,” a project funded by the Genzyme Corporation. This film was accredited by New York University’s Post Graduate School of Medicine in 2005 for continuing medical education (CME) credit. A second CME project, “The Diagnosis and Management of MPS-II (Hunter syndrome),”was begun in 2008 and is now complete and available online. It was sponsored by the NYU Post Graduate School and funded by Shire Human Genetic Therapies.

Our recently completed project: Well Child Lens Autism (WCLA) ( is specifically for the early detection of toddlers for autism. Using the See System protocols, with Phase I and II Small Business Innovation Research Grants (SBIR) from the NIH, we developed WCLA, a complete approach to autism detection in children 16-30 months of age for parents and practitioners, at a time when therapies can be highly effective for children at risk.


GeneticaLens (GL) is a healthcare IT software company dedicated to the diagnosis of disorders with behavioral symptoms by bringing video and 21st century software tools to both doctors and parents. GL offers integrated diagnostic, communications and care management solutions that improve the quality of decision-making and the efficiency of the healthcare delivery process. Well Child Lens Autism (WCLA) is the first product in the Well Child Lens series.