Center for Disease Control (CDC): The National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities at the CDC are already using some of our video clips as part of their teaching tool for healthcare providers, Autism Case Training, and as part of their “Learn the Signs/Act Early” media campaign.

Three GeneticaLens videos are featured on the CDC /ACT homepage: Mother of Ryan, Maren and Liam, Early Warning Signs: Nathan and Ben (1 year, 7 months) and ABA Therapy: Wells (2 years, 8 months).

Twenty-nine GeneticaLens videos are included in this CDC training collection.

Since completing the WCLA components and the website, GL has presented WCLA at a conference in Washington, DC and applied and been accepted into two competitive programs for healthcare IT start-ups. GL was chosen to be a poster presenter at the 2014 Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) conference in Washington DC where the feedback from individuals and organizations interested in autism was very positive. GL was selected as an innovative healthcare IT company and given an opportunity to meet with healthcare stakeholders at the 2014 Digital Health Conference in NYC (as part of the Digital Health Connection program) where we were privileged to meet with representatives from New York Presbyterian and North Shore Long Island Jewish, both leading hospitals in New York city. As a result, GL was invited to submit a follow-up application to New York Presbyterian’s Innovator Program. If selected, GL will get to work with the physicians at New York Presbyterian to continue market research about WCLA-CV. GL applied and was selected as one of New York City’s new, innovative healthcare IT companies by Entrepreneurship Lab NYC 2015, a seven month mini-MBA program administered by the New York City Economic Development Corporation to teach business skills and help participants network with important healthcare stakeholders.