Angelman Syndrome

The Angelman Project is the first in a series of multi-media databases on low incidence disorders. Working collaboratively with experts in the disciplines related to the study of Angelman Syndrome in education, medicine, and science, The Angelman Project makes use of the latest advances in communication technology to acquire current data on Angelman Syndrome. We hope that this site will become an invaluable resource for physicians, therapists, researchers, educators, families and all those interested and we welcome your feedback.

Geneticalens received Phase I and Phase II funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH) for “The Angelman Project.” The project logged over 350 hours of film footage of 72 Angelman subjects, their families, and healthcare and educational specialists in both the United States and England. For the research in England, the company received additional sponsorship through the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.

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